This page contains basic info and tips for new players.


  • BvO is a 5v5 hero arena map.
  • The first team to achieve the victory condition (chosen at the start of the game) wins.

Important Mechanics:

  • Respawn time is always 3 seconds.
  • No gold lost on death.
  • Mana is gained in combat. (25 per attack)


  • Waygates at the bottom of base help move quickly around the map.
  • Bosses and waygates at the corners and middle edges of the map grant large rewards. Kill them whenever possible. The bosses will respawn fairly quickly.
  • Denying yourself to neutrals is very easy early on.
  • Basic shop is in base, side shop (requires essence) is at top of base, secret shop (requires medals) is at the top of the bottom-left waygate area.