Npc dota hero sniper
Name Uryuu Ishida, Last Quincy
Universe Bleach
Attack Type Ranged(800 range)
Starting Stats
Attack Damage 91
Move Speed 300
Armor 4
25 + 2.25
35 + 4.50
30 + 2.25
R Hirenyaku
Q Ginrei Kojyaku
W Licht Regen
E Seele Schneider
D Sprenger
F Quincy Final Form

About Edit

Ishida Uryuu is an agility hero from Bleach universe.

Uryū Ishida (石田 雨竜, Ishida Uryū) is a Gemischt(Mixed blooded) Quincy residing in Karakura Town. He is a Doctor at Karakura Hospital, and a friend ofIchigo Kurosaki. He is friends with Sado, Ichigo and Orihime.

Pros and Cons Edit

Strengths: Edit

  • Second longest attack range in the game(800 Range)
  • High damage output
  • Scales very well into late game
  • Huge threat with long ranged and AoE denial abilities
  • Abilities deal magical/pure damage

Weaknesses: Edit

  • Fragile
  • High skill cap
  • Most abilities come with a delay, thus hard to land; but the damage makes up for it. Needs experience.
  • Mediocre early game
  • Ultimate ability has drawback that makes you a sitting duck for the duration

Abilities Edit

Ability Hotkey:REdit

Bvo ishida skill 0
Teleports the Quincy for a short distance.
Cast Animation: 0.1

Cast Range: 650

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 6
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 35

Hirenkyaku (飛廉脚, Flying Screen Step; Viz: "Flying Bamboo-Blind Leg") is an advanced Quincy movement technique, allowing the user to move at high speed by riding on the flow of Reishi created below their feet.Essentially, it is the Quincy equivalent to the Shinigami's Shunpo and the Arrancar's Sonído.

  • Hirenkyaku disjoints projectiles upon cast.
  • Cannot be cast while rooted.
  • Does not teleport for the full distance when targeting closer than its max distance.
  • When targeting beyond the max blink distance, ishida will blink for the max distance towards the targeted point.

Ability Hotkey:QEdit

Ginrel kojyaku
Bvo ishida skill 1
Ishida bombards area between the target's position and Ishida himself with a barrage of spirit arrows, dealing damage and consuming mana per attack
Cast Animation: 0.2

AoE: 1000

Damage per projectile: 1.75 x Total Agility

Total Damage output: 10.5 x Total Agility

Duration: 6 attacks or 6 seconds

Damage Type: Magical

NOTE: This ability deals %20 more damage and doubles the per-attack mana cost(140 per attack instead of 70) while performing Quincy Final Form.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16/14
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 100/125/150/175/200/225 for activation, 70 per attack afterwardss.


Ability Hotkey:WEdit

Licht Regen
Bvo ishida skill 2
Shoots multiple arrows towards the targeted area,

dealing damage and stunning enemies per arrow.

Cast Animation: 0.4

Cast Range: 900

AoE Radius: 300

Arrows: 13/16/19/22/25

Damage per arrow: 1.5 x Base Agility

Total Damage: (19.5/24/28.5/33/37.5) x Base Agility

Stun per arrow: 0.1 seconds

Effect delay: 3 seconds after casting at target place

Damage Type: Magical

NOTE: This ability deals %20 more damage and arrows fall down 2 times faster while performing Quincy Final Form.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 22
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 250

Ability Hotkey:EEdit

Seele Schneider
Bvo ishida skill 3
Releases a Quincy's weapon causing damage to units in a line after channeling for a brief period.
Cast Animation: 0.2

Cast Range: 3500

Channel duration: 2 seconds(Instant while performing Quincy F.Form)

Damage: 750/1100/1450/1800/2150

Damage type: Magical

NOTE: While performing Quincy Final Form, this ability has no channel time.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 32
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 250

Ability Hotkey:DEdit

Bvo ishida skill 4
Ishida constructs a Quincy pentacle with Seele Schneiders. Explodes after 2.5 seconds. Deals damage to any enemies within the Pentacle.
Cast Animation: 0.1

AoE Radius: 750

Damage: 900/1300/1700/2100/2500

Damage Type: Pure

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 60
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 400

Ability Hotkey:FEdit

Quincy Final Form
Bvo ishida skill 5
Ishida enhances his abilities,absorbs every Reiatsu particle around him and changing it into mana.Ishida will lose 80% of his attributes and won't be able to use several abilities after this ability vanishes. Lasts 50 sec.
Cast Animation: 0.1

Mana drain radius: 700 AoE

Bonus mana regen per second: 60

Bonus damage: 175

Bonus Armor: 5

Bonus movespeed: 100

Reduce base attack time: 0.2

Bonus agility: 60

Reduce Hirenyaku cooldown by: 3 seconds

NOTE: Also during Quincy Final Form:

  • Ginrei Kojyaku deals %20 more damage for doubling the mana cost per arrow.
  • Licht Regen arrows will deal %20 more damage and arrows will proceed 2 times faster.
  • Seele Schneider becomes an instant-cast ability.

After Quincy Final Form buff vanishes, Ishida will lose %80 of his attributes and he can't use Ginrei Kojyaku, Licht Regen and Seele Schneider for 20 seconds.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 210/200/190/180/170
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 500




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