Npc dota hero axe
Name Squall Leonhart
Universe Final Fantasy VIII
Attack Type Melee
Starting Stats
Attack Damage 97
Move Speed 320
Armor 2
30 + 3.25
30 + 3.50
30 + 2.25
R Gunblade
Q Gunblade Ex-Equip
W Rough Divide
E Fated Circle
D Limit Break: Renzokuken
F Lion Heart


Squall Leonhart is an agility hero from the video game Final Fantasy VIII.


Squall Leonhart (Japanese: スコール・レオンハート Hepburn: Sukōru Reonhāto) is a fictional character and the primary protagonist of Final Fantasy VIII, a role-playing video game by Square (now Square Enix).

Pros and ConsEdit


  • Strong at any point of the game
  • Different gunblade effects make him versatile in terms of damage and crowd control plus makes him less item dependant.
  • Almost unbeatable 1 on 1 when Lionheart is equipped.


  • Needs levels to be effective.
  • Luck based gameplay
  • Effects of the active abilities depends on the type of the Gunblade equipped and some conditions.
  • Ultimate is very hard to pull off.

Abilities Edit

Passive AbilityEdit

Bvo squall skill 0
Passive: Squall uses his variety of gunblades to

trigger their respective effects.On death defaults back

to Revolver.

Revolver(20 durability):Grants 50 bonus damage.

Shear Trigger(30 durability):Grants each attack a %20 chance to deal %240 more damage.

Flame Saber(50 durability):Grants each attack a %25 chance to deal (100+ 3x AGI) extra damage.

Punishment(40 durability):Grants each attack a %25 chance to stun the target for 1.25 seconds and deal 300 extra damage.

Lionheart(70 durability):Grants 400 additional bonus damage.

  • This passive triggers in conjuction with Squall's first ability, Gunblade Ex-Equip(Q).

Ability Hotkey:QEdit

Gunblade Ex-Equip
Bvo squall skill 1
Squall equips a Gunblade.
Cast Animation: 0.1

Revolver chance: 75/70/60/45/35/25

Shear Trigger chance: 20/25/25/25/25/25

Flame Saber chance: 5/5/10/15/20/20

Punishment chance: 0/0/5/10/10/15

Lionheart chance: 0/0/0/5/10/15

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 16/14/12/10/8/6
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 100

Notes and Tips:

  • This ability give enability to equip one of the available gunblades mentioned on Squall's passive.
  • Each gunblade has its own function, except Revolver which is basic weapon for Squall.
  • Squall cannot use his other active abilities without a Gunblade, so always consider equipping one at your hand at all times.
  • Always try to get a better weapon, because each weapon increases damage of his active abilities by mentioned percentage. The better you get, the more damage you will deal.
  • When you die, you start with Revolver as default.
  • An indicator above HP/MP pool shows how many durability your current equipped Gunblade has.

Ability Hotkey:WEdit

Rough Divide
Bvo squall skill 2

Squall charges 600 units into the targeted direction

dealing damage to all enemies in his path.

Consumes 3 durability.

Cast Animation: 0.2

Cast Range: 700

Damage: 200 + (5 x Total Agility)

Shear Trigger increases damage by %20

Flame Saber increases damage by %35

Punishment increases damage by %50

Lionheart increases damage by %100

Damage Type: Physical

NOTE:Only usable while a Gunblade equipped.
Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 12
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 250
  • This was the only Squall skill that let him move far away, use this skill when want to run or chasing someone.

Ability Hotkey:EEdit

Fated Circle
Bvo squall skill 3
Squall unleashes a wave of force dealing damage to

all enemies in an area. Consumes 6 durability.

Cast Animation: 0.2

AoE Range: 1000(circular area around Squall)

Damage: (Total STR x 4/5/6/7/8) + (Total AGI x 4/5/6/7/8)

Shear Trigger increases damage by %10

Flame Saber increases damage by %30

Punishment increases damage by %50

Lionheart increases damage by %70

Damage Type: Physical

NOTE:Only usable while a Gunblade equipped.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 30
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 300
  • This ability has huge AoE and huge damage, but due to long cooldown use it sparingly.

Ability Hotkey:DEdit

Limit Break: Renzokuken
Bvo squall skill 4
Squall attacks the enemy hero 7 times. On a

successful trigger Squall deals increased damage.

Gives a 4 second timespan to use "Lionheart".

Consumes 3 durability each attack.

Cast Animation: 0.0

Cast Range: 150(Melee range)

Extra damage on each successful trigger: (Total Strength x 2.8) + (Total Agility x 2.8)

Shear Trigger increases damage by %30

Flame Saber increases damage by %40

Punishment increases damage by %50

Lionheart increases damage by %70

Damage Type: Physical

Note:Only usable while a Gunblade is equipped and Squall is below %40 HP.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 60/55/50/45/40
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 300
  • If u are sure that enemy die even if not every skill hit the spot, spam your click so u can move more fast or run more fast.

Ability Hotkey:FEdit

Lion Heart
Bvo squall skill 5
Squall releases his ultimate technique,slashing the

targeted enemy hero countless times.Consumes all


Cast Animation: 0.1

Cast Range: 150(Melee Range)

Damage: 40 x (Total Strength+Total Agility)

Damage Type: Physical

Note:Only usable after finishing Limit Break: Renzokuken on an enemy hero while a Lionheart is equipped.

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 140/130/120/110/100
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost: 500


  • Lionheart gunblade will break after Lion Heart is finished.
  • You have only 4 seconds to cast Lion Heart after finishing Limit Break: Renzokuken.




  • Always have a Gunblade equipped. Better the Gunblade you equip is, more damage your abilities will do.
  • Try to get item that reduce armor, because every of his skill is physical damage.
  • It's more wise to get Punishment or Flame Saber in late game for auto attack damage then using Lionheart because physical damage will drop a lot in late game. Punishment have stun chance in each hit and Flame Saber have magical damage scalling with agi 25% chance.

Synergy/Counters: Edit


Starting ItemsEdit

Item Name Item Description Cost
Stout shield custom
Stout Shield
To mitigate the damage from creeps, Stout Shield helps a lot. 300 gold
Ring of Protection
Ring of Protection
For some early armor, buy this. Later can be used as component for higher items. 200 gold
Wraith Band
Wraith Band
Gives nice stats for early game. Sell it afterwards to create an empty slot in the bag. 450 gold

Early GameEdit

Item Name Item Description Cost
Sange and Yasha icon
At early game, this item helps a lot with overall cost-effective stats. Later can be disassembled to build other items. 4500 gold
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