Npc dota hero doom bringer
Name Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto
  • Nuker
  • Durable
  • Intitiator
Universe Bleach
Attack Type Melee
Starting Stats
Attack Damage 107
Move Speed 300
Armor 0
40 + 4.00
25 + 3.00
25 + 2.00
R Shunpo
Q Shikai: Ryujinjakka
W Flame Sweep
E Fire Slash
D Jokako Enjo
F First Form: Nadegiri

 About Edit

Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto is the Captain of the 1st Division and Commanter of the Gotei 13 in Bleach. In 1000 years, his strength was unrivaled. Master of sword, kido, hakuda, shunpo, strategy, His zanpakuto Ryuujin Jakka has the most offensive power of all Zanpakuto and can reduce anything to ash with a wave.

Strengths: Edit

  • Decent scaling
  • Strong mid game
  • Incredible AoE damage

Weaknesses: Edit

  • Very early fights

Bvo yamamoto skill 0

Teleports the Shinigami for a short distance.

Cast Animation: 0.1

Cast Range: 600

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 5
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost:60
  • Shunpo disjoints projectiles upon cast.
  • Cannot be cast while rooted.
  • Does not teleport for the full distance when targeting closer than its max distance.
  • When targeting beyond the max blink distance, Yamamoto will blink for the max distance towards the targeted point.

Shikai: Ryuujinjakka
Bvo yamamoto skill 1

Passive: Gives a chance to release a fire splash on


AoE Radius: 350

Damage: 100/125/150/175/200/225

Chance: 15/17/19/21/22/25%

Damage Type: Magical

  • This ability helps Yamamoto's farming. Also adds up some damage while auto attacking enemy heroes. Burns all enemies for a brief second in a small AoE.

Flame Sweep
Bvo yamamoto skill 2

Sends a a wave of fire from the hero. Burns

all enemies within 700 AoE dealing damage and

slowing them for %50. Lasts 4 seconds.

Cast Animation: 0.1

AoE Radius: 700

Damage: 400/475/550/625/700

Burn Damage per second: 70/90/110/130/150

Damage Type: Magical

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 18
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost:250
  • Yamamoto's main crowd control ability. Very strong ability at early to mid game.
  • Jump into a group of enemies with Shunpo and use this ability. This ability also helps if you need to escape when you are cornered.

Fire Slash
Bvo yamamoto skill 3

Ol' Yama moves around battlefield striking enemies

and dealing damage.

Cast Animation: 0.1

Cast Range: 600

AoE Radius:250

Jumps: 3/4/5/6/7

Damage per jump: 3 x Total Strength

Damage Type: Physical

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 40
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost:275
  • Yamamoto's bread and butter. Remember that it deals damage on a small AoE where Yamamoto land on every jump.
  • Try to use it into a group of enemies, or to finish an crippled enemy.

Jokaku Enjo
Bvo yamamoto skill 4

The Blazing Fortress.Genryuusai creates a ring of

flames.All enemies inside the wall of flames will

take minor pure damage per second and major damage

per second if they stand too close to the wall of

the flames. Dealing damage while creating the wall

of the flames. If Genryuusai dies the wall of flames

will be destroyed. Lasts 20 second.

Cast Animation: 0.1

Cast Range: 1600

AoE Radius: 1600

Activation Damage: 4 x Total Strength

Major Burn: 300/450/600/750/900 + (3 x Total Strength)

Minor Burn: 100/125/150/175/200 + (1 x Total Strength)

Damage Type: Pure

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 100/95/90/85/80
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost:400
  • This ability deals pure damage, every single tick of the wall deals full damage on the enemy regardless of armor or magic reduction.
  • Activation damage goes thru enemies at the direction Yamamoto's front.
  • After creating the wall, try to lure them near the wall if you can, since it deals major burn damage per second.
  • Try to keep it for Duels since AoE of the wall is almost huge enough to cover the Duel area.
  • Stack strength stat as much as possible(from items or secret shop).
  • The most important thing after casting this ability: Don't die until wall expires.

First Form: Nadegiri
Bvo yamamoto skill 5

The Ryuujinjakka first form;Nadegiri(Slicing Caress).

Slice the target hero countless times dealing base

damage based on Yamamoto's base strength.

Cast Animation: 0.1

Cast Range: 800

Damage: 2000 + (Base Strength x 11/22/33/44/55)

Damage Type: Physical

Cooldown_symbol.png Cooldown: 120
Mana_symbol.png Mana Cost:450
  • Yamamoto's one shot button. It does one shot fragile heroes.
  • In late game this ability falls due to increasing rate armor of enemy heroes.
  • Strength points you gathered from Secret Shop are considered as base stat points thus adds damage to this ability. Points gathered from items doesn't increase this ability's damage output.

Strategy Edit

Tips: Edit

  • Try not to fight until level 3. Low level Shikai is useless.
  • Base combo when you encounter a group of enemies is, get close to enemies in something like Shunpo distance or more(600-800 AoE). Use Jokaku Enjo if possible at this point while facing the enemies since they will be somewhere near the edge of the wall. Jump in with Shunpo and cast Flame Sweep. Follow with Fire Slash.


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